About Us

Who we are and what we do

Playground People Ltd is a New Zealand family business with more than twenty years experience in the play-fitness industry. Our playground environments are world class and exported to Australia and around the Pacific. Our playground equipment is specifically designed to meet the needs of the children and young people it is created for.Our design and product solutions have been proven to increase upper body strength, balance, co-ordination and cardio fitness. But our first priority is always fun; if using the equipment isn’t enjoyable, there will be no gains in fitness, strength and self-esteem and no happy kids.

It is all about developing solutions that deliver a Smarter Play Environment

Playground People Ltd is a NZ company that has developed unrivalled experience in playground design, manufacture and installation. Twenty years of observation and experience have helped us formulate our core philosophy.Our passion for great playgrounds drives everything we do… We believe smarter play environments provide substantial benefits for children and for the community. Smarter play environments fundamentally have these four key elements in common: Play, Health, Learning and Social Development. At Playground People we have extensive experience and knowledge combined with independent research to ensure the development of a smarter play environment.


Best Play Research Knowledgebase

Through our network of playground experts from around the world, our own experience and observations we offer the richest source of play related research available in New Zealand. Drawing on this knowledge base, we are able to continually add to and improve our services and product range. Should you be interested in any international research we are happy to provide this to you.


Expert Installation Team

We employ our own full time, fully qualified installation team who install our equipment around New Zealand. Our team are renowned in the industry as fast, efficient and great problem solvers and because they work solely for Playground People you can trust them to get the job done right first time.


Specialised Accessibility Design

Through our partnership with Danish playground supplier Kompan, we can offer a huge range of playground equipment specifically designed to be accessible for users of all abilities. With internationally recognised play experts Playground People have held playground accessibility seminars around New Zealand and can offer design advice on cost effective accessible play space environments.


Global Distributor Since 1999

Playground People are sole New Zealand distributors for several of the world’s leading playground brands. We were the first supplier to introduce premium European brands like Kompan and Corocord to New Zealand. We enjoy direct relationships with our global partners in Europe to ensure the latest playground research, product information and quicker supply times.


Proven Fitness Benefits

In 1998 we had Auckland University undertake a full analytical study of the fitness benefits of casual play on our equipment. This study was a world first and proved children’s fitness levels improved by up to 70% through casual play alone. Many schools now use our equipment as a regular part of their PE curriculum.


NZ’s First Spacenet

Playground People introduced the Spacenet concept to New Zealand and installed the first Spacenet at Oriental Parade in Wellington in 2004. This Spacenet is still going strong over 11 years later. Since then we have installed well over 100 Corocord nets in schools and public parks around New Zealand firmly establishing Corocord as the premium play rope brand.