Kompan is the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of playgrounds. Kompan’s philosophy is to promote child development through play.  As the world’s No. 1 producer of quality playground equipment, they are held in high regard by our customers.

Kompan has purpose-designed playgrounds for all ages; from the imagination inspiring toddler collection to rugged equipment that encourages more vigorous play for teenagers and adults. Kompan is trusted by councils, schools, landscape architects and other institutions because Kompan understand what’s behind a great playground and what is needed to produce fun and exciting play spaces.

With Kompan, Playground People have created hundreds of play spaces in parks and schools around New Zealand.

Kompan launches new Fitness Institute


The Kompan Play institute has long been a global authority on play and play related issues.  Through the Play Institute Kompan recognised a growing global demand for community based solutions to health and fitness problems.  To tackle these issues head-on, Kompan have established the Kompan Sport and Fitness Institute:
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With a vision to get an inactive world moving, KOMPAN has incorporated what is needed to overcome barriers to physical activity into its product and concept development, resulting in an intelligent three-layer training solution.

Based on market insights, KOMPAN has identified the most popular training types and transformed them into accessible training solutions  that accommodate individual and group training needs and demands for all ages and abilities.
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