The world first InterChallenge system is not a playground but a Compact Confidence Course which we have designed specifically for children aged 10 – 14 years+.

Many children in this age bracket will find playground equipment simply isn’t big enough for them so we have created balancing, climbing, agility and upper-body challenges that will test even your most capable students and keep them coming back for more.  The InterChallenge is incredibly robust, built for constant use by adult sized kids and teenagers, we have schools that have been using their structures constantly for over 15 years, still going strong

We have installed InterChallenge in over Colleges, Intermediates and Full Primary Schools around New Zealand, the InterChallenge is heavily used during schools break time and it has been designed to be easily incorporated into schools PE curriculum.

Socialising is a key factor in play and recreation for this age group and we have kept this in mind when designing the InterChallenge, there are plenty of elevated platforms and spaces that allow for hanging out and cooperative interaction.

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Plans and required area

InterChallenge IC21 – 12m x 25

InterChallenge IC30 – 12m x 36m



InterChellenge IC?? – 17m x 34m