Pre School Playgrounds

PlatinumPlay Pre School School Playground sample designs

With our the playground equipment  we have designed for pre-school children, we aim to provide progressive challenges for climbing, sliding and crawling as well as plenty of colour to signal that this equipment is just for them.  Exploratory and imaginative play are key considerations for this age group as they discover the world through play – learning about their own abilities and how to interact with others.

Check out our International partner Kompan’s huge range of equipment for pre-schoolers here. For more designs or to talk to one of our consultants about creating a plan especially for your playground, contact us.

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Plans and required area

Clavoy JT 545 – 7.5m x 7.5m


Hauraki JT 558 – 8m x 6.5m

Shepherd – JT 569 V7 – 11m x 9m569