Senior School Playgrounds

PlatinumPlay Senior School School Playground sample designs

Our senior school playgrounds boast the most challenging equipment available, offering unmatched fitness benefits to your children as proven by our world first fitness study, hundreds of schools nation-wide can attest to this.  We offer a range of fun components covering agility, upper body strength and balance all combined in circuit designs that will keep your kids moving and getting fit as they play.  Our senior equipment is the toughest on the market and has proven to stand the test the time with many of our original installations form the mid ‘90s still being used today.

Check out our International partner Kompan’s huge range of equipment for Senior School students here. For more designs or to talk to one of our consultants about creating a plan especially for your playground, contact us.

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Plans and required area

Pinehurst ST 567 – 6.5m x 7m


Star Quest SQ10 – 16m x 25m


Wheymouth NGA 251 – 24.5m x 10m


Citadel  – ST 542 Coro  – 18.5m x 18.5m