Ace Seesaw

Our Ace Single Seesaw is made with a curvaceous beam and support legs, this classic pivot-style seesaw looks great in any environment.  Availla ble in single or double versions, with rugged hot dipped galvanised steel construction, this seesaw is built to last. While made for two users, we frequently see the Ace Seesaw being used by four or more children to help shift the balance one way or the other.

Kompan Rock-it

The Rock-it offers great balance challenges and encourage interactivity between users by offering a platform for ‘who can stay on the longest’ games.  Cooperation is required to prolong the ride of this event. The large size of the platform allows up to four children to play together at once.

Kompan Multi Seesaws

Fantastic for junior and inclusive accessible play, smaller children and adults can be safely seated at both ends with good hand and foot support and enjoy the rocking motion. The more adventurous players can sit, lie or stand on the center plate, from where they can influence the ride considerably. All involved players will have to cooperate, to find out how to make the ride a success for all. The soothing movement makes one want to sing and enjoy the rhythm.

Check out our International partner Kompan’s huge range of seesaws here.

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