Panna Sports Arena

An innovative, fast-paced game with European origins, Panna is played in an enclosed arena with easy entrance and exit points. Our unique Design Registered Panna Arena has been created so that size, age, gender are no barrier to the fun! Teams quickly revolve in and out of the Panna arena, ensuring a fast turnover of players which allows maximum participation.

The game is addictive and encourages the development of an amazing variety of ball skills. It is non-stop, explosive, physically challenging and a superb tool for building fitness levels in a fun environment.

The Panna arena can be installed on an existing turf or hard surface and can be relocated with ease. The tough, bullet proof construction makes it ideal for school use and community youth.  The Panna Arena can be fixed into place or disassembled for relocation and storage.

Download the plans here.downloading-from-computing-cloud


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