Alfriston School

Alfriston School – South Auckland

The Playground People have recently installed a new playground and nature play area for our Year 1-4 students. Students, staff and parents are absolutely delighted with the result. The new play structures are attractive and challenging and the new nature play area has outdoor musical instruments that add a beautiful zen-like atmosphere to the school playground. The Playground People were excellent to work with throughout the process, from the design and planning phase right through to quality installation.

Michelle McCarty, Principal, Alfriston School

In late 2016 Alfriston school selected Playground People to revamp their junior play area.
The junior playground was structurally sound but in need of some TLC. We gave it a fresh new look, adding some vibrant colours, new play activities and created two new challenging playing circuits to aid the flow of play around the structure.

The school also had an adjacent ‘nature area’ that was not being well used. We worked closely with them to design a combined music and balance play area to better utilise this space with a combination of Percussion Play instruments, which provides a melodic soundtrack to school play times that resonates throughout the school. For the Balance play we used a combination of our new Out-Sider range of Hopop seats and the unique Loop seat to present a compact and colourful balance circuit.

The changes have enlivened this underused corner of the school and perfectly complements the new revamped Junior playground.
Alfriston School is fortunate enough to have a lovely corpse of native trees, we constructed a raised boardwalk that allows the children to wander through the trees and loop back around into the main play area.