Hillsborough School – Playground Upgrade


In 2013 Hillsborough Primary School embarked on a playground upgrade project. Their junior playground was getting to the end of its useful life and the senior playground needed to be extended to provide more challenge for the senior students. Being adjacent to Hillsborough Sports Reserve, the playgrounds are open to often heavy public use during weekends so the new equipment had to be able to stand up to these conditions.

The available areas, which are located close to existing class rooms, were carefully assessed by Playground People to ensure we could maximise the use of the available space and to account for the access issues which we knew would add challenge to the installation process.

For the Junior Area we came up with a brand new design made especially to fit the site. Our aim was to provide a new structure which could handle large numbers of children at once and honour the original tower structures. We did this by combining a play circuit suited to the five to seven age group with our Octagonal Deck Tower. Fortunately there was just enough room left over to fit the new Kompan Multi Spinner – the first of its kind in New Zealand. See video of the multi Spinner here:

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The senior area had a reasonably new playground that was still in good condition, however it was made up of mostly shorter events thus wasn’t providing the necessary challenge required to keep the older more cap[able students engaged. Luckily there was plenty of room for an extension. We rearranged a couple of the existing components which enabled to add two complete circuits of 4m long challenges to test even the most capable of senior students including the Crank Wheel and our graffiti proof Steel Mesh Rock Wall. The design we created also allowed enough room for a Kompan Supernova – our most popular item of stand-alone play equipment. See video of the supernova here:

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We are rapt with the results and we are very pleased to say that Hillsborough Primary School is too:
Always pleasant in manner, Dave and the Playground People team are genuine, perceptive and hard working. I have greatly valued their support and contribution. I sincerely respect them. I know that they would bring to any position the skills and qualities outlined above as well as the personal integrity evidenced in my association with Playground People. For these reasons, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation who values these traits in their employees.
Nicola Girling. PRINCIPAL

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