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Product Detail

Basic Panna 8 HIGH - STEEL

Basic Panna 8 HIGH - STEEL

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Code: FRE402003b

An innovative, fast-paced game with European origins. ‘Panna’ is the European/Latin/African term for ‘Nutmeg’; the technique used in football or turf hockey in which a player rolls the ball through an opponents legs collecting it on the other side.

The game is addictive and encourages the development of an amazing variety of ball skills. Non-stop, explosive, physically challenging it is a superb tool for building fitness levels in a fun environment.

In its most basic and pure form games are played in 2 vs 2 formats with games lasting three minutes. If a ‘Nutmeg’ is achieved a ‘Panna KO’ (Knockout) results. Alternatively, a win results when a team scores the most points within the 3 minute time frame. Young people are quick to adapt the game to suit their own purposes.

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Avaliable as In-Ground or Surface Mounted installation

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