About Us

About Us

About us

At Playground People we love what we do, because we understand how important play is in developing our children.


Our Play Values

Play encourages social interaction, friendship and improves communication skills. It helps children to develop their gross and fine motor skills.
Play activities are fun, enjoyable and relaxing. It releases pent up energy and stress, while encouraging children to express themselves. They take risks and enjoy the rewards of exploration, discovery and imagination.
Play inspires children to discover and explore ideas in a fun and enjoyable way.
Play encourages social interaction, friendship and improves communication skills.

Research backed play benefits

Through our network of playground experts from around the world and our own experience and observations, we offer the richest source of play related research available in New Zealand. Drawing on this knowledge base, we are able to continually add to and improve our services and product range. Should you be interested in any international research we are happy to provide this to you.


We've also had Auckland University undertake a full analytical study of the fitness benefits of casual play on our equipment. This study was a world first and proved children’s fitness levels improved by up to 70% through casual play alone. Many schools now use our equipment as a regular part of their PE curriculum.


The best at what we do

We installed our first playground at Puni School near Pukekohe in 1996. The playground is still going strong over 20 years later. Our equipment is recognised as being the hardiest equipment available. We now have hundreds of playgrounds installed in different, heavy use environmental and social conditions all over New Zealand. 

We have been the major equipment supplier for the New Zealand Playground of the Year, 4 years in a row! 

Our team of installers and all of our factory staff are Site Safe certified ensuring that you, your school and community are kept safe from construction site hazards while we work on your playground. This also means that our staff are qualified to work with any other contractors that may be employed on your site.

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