Terms & Conditions

Playground People Terms and Conditions

(Don't let all the fine print scare you off. We are really flexible and will happily discuss how we can help make your project a success)



Please note that we will require written order confirmation and acceptance of these payment terms prior to ordering the equipment. Please confirm that the equipment list is correct and confirm any colour requirements.


Delivery Program

PlatinumPlay equipment is manufactured in our Auckland factory and takes approximately six weeks to manufacture if not already in stock. We stock some popular items from a number of our intentional suppliers, allow approximately 12 weeks delivery time for any international items not in stock.


Site Costs

These prices do not include any site costs of things like safety fencing, site security, underground service locating or any special handling requirements for potentially contaminated soil. If levelling and carting of surplus spoil is required, this would be additional to this quote.


Installation Program

We will require between five and 10 working days to complete the installation of the playground equipment provided the installation conditions mentioned below are met. 

The installation prices are based on installation into a flat, cleared, level site with Good Ground (300kPa), normal sub-surface soil and no paving encircling the play areas or matting preparation in place prior to our installation.


School Police Vetting

With recent changes to the Education Act 1989, some schools now require our installation staff to be police vetted prior to coming onto their school site. Our view is that the installation team is unlikely to have unsupervised access to any children, but we have their details on file should you still wish to have them vetted.

Please note: Most vetting applications are completed within 20 working days and therefore these need to be applied for well in advance to avoid any additional costs incurred through a project delay.



We will take all practical steps to install your playground on the dates discussed, however we reserve the right to adjust the time based on factors beyond our control, for example weather.


Site Access

Installation of the equipment in our proposal will involve heavy vehicles. We will require all-weather access for our vehicles.



Installation costs are based on a flat, level site and into normal sub soil. Rock, shingle, concrete, hard fill etc. will incur additional costs. Our pricing assumes that we are able to stockpile excess spoil on site, there will be an additional cost for removal of spoil from the site if this is required.


All services above and below ground must be identified prior to commencement of work in accordance with NZ Health and Safety. If a service is identified on site, the installation will be delayed. This is to ensure the safety of our installers.


Terms of Payment

We do not require a deposit. However, we will invoice and require full payment within seven (7) days on completion of the installation. 

Payment is required on the 20th of the month following installation.

Developers and other businesses
Equipment Payment - We will invoice and require immediate payment for the full cost of the equipment immediately prior to installation. 
Installation Payment - We will invoice for installation costs on completion of the installation, to be paid 20th of the month following.