Product Detail

Product Detail

Mega Deck With Roof Green Line

Mega Deck With Roof Green Line

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Code: PCM100831-0950

Kompan's Greenline Range

This product is part of the Kompan Greenline range, which is manufatured from recycled and sustainable materials. Check the technical information below for the percentage of material used for this product. Or check here to find out more about the entire Greenline range.

The Mega Deck is a circle of play for all: everyone will find something to do, on either play level. This makes for a wildly appealing play unit that makes children come back for more, again and again. There is a richness of tactile activities. At ground level offers climbing, swaying and playing with the music panel. The stair or the climbing wall lead the child up, training cross-coordination in both cases. This is an important motor skill: alternate us of left and right body half trains cooperation of the left and right side of the brain, fundamental for later reading skills. The double slide thrills and trains core muscles and balance as toddlers go down. There is room for a carer, too. For all children the curly climber adds a great rotating sliding experience, stimulating the spatial aware-ness as the child winds downwards.

Technical information

Total CO₂ emission: 1.262.04 kg CO₂e
CO₂ emission per kg: 2.01 CO₂e/kg
Made from recycled materials: 60.26%

IMPACT AREA = 37.6m2

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Eco-Firendly Materials

Panels are made from 19mm EcoCore™, a highly durable, eco friendly material, which is not only recyclable after use, but also consists of a core produced from 100% recycled post consumer material from food packing waste.

Greenline TexMade posts of 100% post-consumer recycled PE and textile waste.

All decks are supported by unique designed low-carbon aluminum profiles with multiple attachment options. The grey colored molded decks are made of 75% post-consumer ocean waste PP material with a non-skid pattern and texture surface.


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