Ipswich, Australia

Ipswich, Australia

Ipswich, Australia

Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve Playground

 By Urban Play Australia

Ipswich has added yet another state-of-the-art playground to their community with this vibrant all-inclusive play space.

The contemporary urban precinct, catering for toddlers to age 12+, is designed to draw visitors not only from the local area but Ipswich wide to enjoy together as a family and as a community.

The finished playground is aesthetically stunning, bursting in innovation, colour and an array of activities with substantial play value, specific to certain ages and abilities.


The landmark piece, is the custom Corocord tower that stands 9 meters high and features two super slides from various heights.
Climbing enthusiast can test their strength, coordination and endurance scaling on a custom series of interconnecting parkour rope designs, making up challenging obstacle course.
Other moving, swinging and spinning play elements include a Multi-spinner, Corocord Net Twister, two-bay swing set and a giant birds nest swing.

Known for their product quality and service reliability, Urban Play partners with well-known International play equipment brands KOMPAN and COROCORD to provide these award winning custom solutions