OUT-SIDER challenges city spaces with bold new urban furniture

The company out-sider was launched in 2007 as a challenge to the traditional urban furniture market in Scandinavia.

The goal was to invent new design icons for the outdoor space, and after only a few years we succeeded in doing so with the LOOP family. 'Rethink Urban Space' is our mission statement and we aim to excite and challenge with new and surprising urban equipment.


Our name, pay off and mission statement are parts of a three-step process. In all our work we look for a certain edge, cohesion and depth.



 Our products are multifunctional.
 Our products are for people – regardless of age.
 Each product is a cohesive item, made from a single material.
 Plastic, concrete, steel, laminate – new outdoor materials.
 Surfaces that stand up to wear and patinate through use.
 Distinctive colours for distinctive forms.