Innes Common

Innes Common - Hamilton

Innes Common - Hamilton

Innes Common Fitness Park

If you live in Hamilton then make sure you get down and check out the fantastic new training and fitness space at Innes Common, ideally located on the edge of Lake Rotoroa and right next to the walking track. 

Designed by the Kompan Fitness Institute in association with the University of Southern Denmark, this award winning new outdoor fitness equipment range is a game changer for the recreation industry worldwide. Built to Kompan’s renowned high standards, the accessible Cross System offers proven fitness benefits, allowing users of any ability level to tailor their fitness programme with a range of exercises from beginner to advance. The supporting Kompan Sport & Fitness app also adds a layer of interactivity to the user experience by allowing you to track your progress and showing instructional videos for different exercises on each item of equipment.

Kompan will continue to expand this range to include equipment targeting the elderly and a series of e-connected and adjustable aerobic training equipment – the Fitness Bike having already been released earlier this year.

You can learn more about Kompan's fitness products, see a video of them in action and download the catalogue here.