Maramarua Primary

Maramarua, North Waikato

Maramarua, North Waikato

Maramarua Primary School

Maramarua School – a country school in Northern Waikato – was in need of a new playground for their junior students. Having seen the playground we installed at Glen Innes school, Principal Rodney was inspired to create a playground that would allow the whole school to play together. Using this as a starting point we worked together to design a plan that would make it more inclusive for older students by lengthening the events to make them more challenging. The design is made up of several interconnected circuits, which are perfect for accommodating large numbers of children at any one time – this is critical for a school like Maramarua where all the kids play together in break times. As has been proven many times over the years, the circuits naturally aid the flow of play and this keeps kids on the move and active.

It is not all action though; the design also has passive spaces for social play and interaction – important for any age group – particularly the spacious octagonal deck tower.
The playground has already become a focal point for the community with families come to use the playground at the school during weekends.


“We found Dave and the team at Playground People excellent and so helpful right from the start. They helped us plan what would be suitable for us and our community. They delivered a variety of designs and options and the final chosen product was installed quickly and professionally done. It is a real asset to our landscape and to our community. The community response has been fantastic and numerous families are spending more time here after schools and on weekends as a result. There are groups using it for fitness circuits and our children’s co-ordination and core strength has increased noticeably within a few months. We would thoroughly recommend Playground People.“

Rodney Mountford, Principal, Maramarua School