Parkview School

Parkview School - Christchurch

Parkview School - Christchurch

Parkview Primary School - Christchurch

Park View school in Christchurch had a classic old timber fort made with telegraph poles and decks. It needed to make way for new classrooms so the school contacted us to look at suitable sites around the school for new senior play area.

This was a once in a generation opportunity to upgrade the senior play area and with over 200 senior pupils the playground would need to be big enough to accommodate lots of active kids at any one time. Like all senior primary school students, the kids at Park View School were after plenty of challenge and fun and, of course, Playground People had the answer for them.

We worked with Principal Simon Thomas to customise one of our double circuit senior playgrounds to suit the school’s needs. Our Senior playgrounds are designed specifically to target the older age group, the circuit layout enables a continuous flow of play and is packed with climbing, balance and upper body challenge. Built to last, our PlatninumPlay playgrounds have proven time and again to last for decades. To provide for a full range of age specific play activity, Parkview School also selected a Corocord Spacenet and Kompan Supernova.
The best alternative to climbing trees are Corocord Spacenets, we have installed hundreds of these nets all over NZ since 2004 and the 5.8m high Spacenet is our most popular model for schools – great value offering plenty of hang-out space at a thrilling height well above the rest of the play area.
For dynamic, collaborative play, the Kompan Supernova can’t be beaten, more and more schools opt for this incredibly popular and versatile play item.