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Product Detail



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Code: COR10330
The bridge system high above the ground is ideal for integration into the existing woodland and can also act as a free-standing play system in open space – where bridges, quite literally, "reach to the skies".

The children can move around at a height of up to 8 m above the ground in the self-contained bridge system and experience a real adventure in heights along the swaying paths. The closely meshed side areas ensure that users have a secure hold at all times.

Technical information

FALL HEIGHT = 260cm, TOTAL HEIGHT =910cm, IMPACT AREA = 157.9m2

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Corocord ropes are used exclusively and only for Corocord rope products. All Corocord ropes are inductively treated. By this special Corocord technique, used over 40 years, the polyester (PES) wrapping is melted on to each of the six-strands by induction. This ensures permanent protection inside the ropes while preserving a soft grip for the children’s hands.


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