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Product Detail

Calypso Chimes

Calypso Chimes

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Calypso Chimes are a popular choice due to their durability, beautiful finish, and the clear lively tone they produce with a lasting, resonant sustain.
These anodized aluminum rainbow-colored chimes are individually mounted to a stainless-steel post which can be installed into the ground, fixed to the surface (with a surface plate) or installed with an extended footer. The anodized aluminum polished finish will not chip, flake, or peel and is UV stable.
Available as individual 'solo' notes you can create the sonic landscape of your choice. Calypso Chimes are also available in the following arrangements within the C Major scale:
Calypso Chimes Diatonic - Set of 8 Notes
Calypso Chimes Pentatonic - Set of 6 Notes
Calypso Chimes Quartet - Set of 4 Notes
Calypso Quatro Post

Technical information

WxL 140mm x 112mm
H - 1195mm - 1510mm


Stainless steel leg
Coloured anodized aluminumm chimes


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