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Product Detail


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Code: FAZ50100

The City Bike is an adjustable and interactive piece of cardio equipment which is the same quality and as equally effective as what you expect in equipment at an indoor fitness centre. The City bike is all about comfort; the entry is extremely low and the frame provides an upright riding style, the height of the city bike saddle can be adjusted and the seat is wide. The patented, self-powered resistance units create a real road cycle experience. The resistance can adapt automatically depending on the pedalling speed, or the users can choose to manually change the resistance on the KOMPAN App.

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Technical information

IMPACT AREA = 11.1m2

The City bike can be connected to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, resistance can be adjusted from here.
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Saddle - Polyurethane Rubber with a steel insert plate.
Mechanism cover - 4mm thick Lexan Copolymer EXL9330
Handlebars - casted Aluminium Polyurea coating

See the Product sheet for more information.


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