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Product Detail


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Code: OS186

The idea behind Cloverleaf is a composition of modules twisting and unfolding to create a clover. The backrest in the middle of each module winds across the seating, providing back-support while shielding users from those on the other side.

Cloverleaf constitutes a beautiful sculpture - with or without people - suitable for a range of spaces including corporate buildings, squares, terraces, lobbies etc. Cloverleaf is multidirectional and has no front or back, optimizing space by provide seating on both sides. There are 4 different modules available: left / right end modules and angular / straight middle modules, which combine to offer numerous different bench designs.

Technical information

Modular seating consisting of 4 modules: Left or right end modules, angular or straight middle modules.
Material: Rotation moulded polyethylene, 8-10mm thick, dyed.
Left/right end module: L: 1145 mm/B: 1155 mm/H: 800mm/Seat: 400mm
Angular middle module: L: 1420 mm/B: 1580 mm/H: 800mm/Seat: 400mm
Straight middle module: L: 1300 mm/B: 1130 mm/H: 800mm/Seat: 400mm


Rotation moulded polyethylene, 8-10mm thick, dyed. Each unit moulded in one piece. UV-resistant, stands up to weather, wear and tear. The material is suitable for granulation and recycling.


Available in:

Standard colours:
Opal White
Dark Blue
Sky Blue
Grass Green
Lime Green