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Product Detail

Cross Training Combi 4 Compact

Cross Training Combi 4 Compact

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Code: FAZ205

The Combi 4 combines two of the most versatile functional training products, the Suspension Trainer and the Magnetic Bells. Suspension training is very effective because it simultaneously increases strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. With 49 exercises the suspension trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on which all muscle groups can be trained in a functional and effective way, no matter what the fitness level of the user is. With the suspension trainer everyone can workout at their own level due to the scalable resistance. The intensity of each exercise can be determined by adjusting the body position to add more or less resistance. The second activity is the Magnetic Bells, an innovative magnetic breaking system which allows the user to increase the resistance by increasing the speed of movement. The patented system also functions as brake when someone drops the magnetic bells and will reduce the impact significantly. The option to choose between a light, medium heavy training weight offers a scalable training and it makes the Magnetic Bells an accessible piece of equipment for both the trained and the untrained. The Magnetic bells move freely up and down and can spin 360°. This allows the users to do exercises which are very similar to medicine balls and kettle bell exercises. The Magnetic bell comes with two different weights -  6 and 12kg.

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IMPACT AREA = 19.1m2


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The galvanised posts can be powdercoated in Kompan full range of colours
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