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Product Detail

Euroflex Stepper

Euroflex Stepper

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An essential skill for many sports and playing in general is maintaining balance while moving along a defined narrow path. To do this, an outstanding sense of balance and muscular coordination are required. EuroFlex Stepper balancing elements were designed specifically to help promote these abilities. Available in 4 different heights, they provide architects maximum freedom in creating adventurous walkways for children to master. The easy-to-install base socket (to be ordered separately) provides stable support and facilitates installation and removal.

Technical information

200 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 8,0 kg/ unit

300 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 13,0 kg/ unit

400 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 16,0 kg/ unit

500 x 255 mm (including socket) / approx. 20,0 kg/ unit


Granulated recycled rubber

Binding agent: MDI polyurethane


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