Product Detail

Product Detail

Mega Deck Green Line

Mega Deck Green Line

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Code: PCM100931-0950

Kompan's Greenline Range

This product is part of the Kompan Greenline range, which is manufatured from recycled and sustainable materials. Check the technical information below for the percentage of material used for this product. Or check here to find out more about the entire Greenline range.

This fantastic play tower will inspire young children to play actively, using their muscles to climb to the top and slide to the ground. The variety of access points provide graded, age-appropriate challenges. They strengthen muscles and help develop cross-coordination skills. Cross-coordination skills enhance children's abilities to use both sides of their brain and supports the internal structures that enable reading and thinking. The desk at ground level extends the play space and attracts children to meet, stay, and play. The double slide is a great team play feature. Sliding supports posture and balance, fundamental motor skills for the child feeling secure in its movements.

Technical information

Total CO₂ emission: 822.55 kg CO₂e
CO₂ emission per kg: 2.06 CO₂e/kg
Made from recycled materials: 53.54%

IMPACT AREA = 37.3m2

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KOMPAN GreenLine versions are designed with ultimate environmentally friendly materials with lowest possible CO2e emission factor. TexMade post, EcoCoreTM panels of 100% post consumer recycled ocean waste and molded PP decks.
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