Product Detail

Product Detail

MUGA, 12x24 meter, High 5m, Plate Design

MUGA, 12x24 meter, High 5m, Plate Design

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Code: FRE600202

5-meter-high steel Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) designed in modern look with attention to play value. The height will ensure balls always to stay inside the area. As standard the MUGA supports football and basketball, but it can be equipped with additional activities.

Panels at the lower level are made of environmental friendly EcoCore HDPE plates to give the MUGA a fully flat inside for added play value. Along the sides the second meter is made of steel panels adding transparency for people outside to follow the games, while the upper part is nylon nets. Due to the wind load on the plate design, the pitch has extra support legs.


Technical information

Lifetime warranty on hot-dip galvanized structural parts. 

Prices exclude surfacing.

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