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Product Detail

Rhombus Twister

Rhombus Twister

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Code: COR2034

This Twister's rhombus-shaped rotation attracts children to rotate and climb to the top, over and over. It provides play for children across ages, encouraging social play across different age groups. It's a particular favourite of older children who can stand, sit and chat while rotating and experience thrilling, stomachtickling play. The Twis ter’s middle s teel rings allow for more children pushing and pulling the Twister from the outside. The two rings provide good support for sitting, hanging in arms or standing, for many children, while rotating. This is hugely thrilling, it makes children come back again and again. And not least, it trains children’s motor s kills, muscle s trength and bone density when they climb, push, pull, hang in arms and jump off. The negotiation of who does what to turn the Rhombus Twister net trains social-emotional skills such as turntaking, tolerance and empathy. This is a playful way to make friends.

Technical information

IMPACT AREA = 46.7m2


19mm Corocord PES wrapped galvanised rope.
HPL Decks
Stainless Steel S-Hooks
Hot dip galvanised framing
Heavy Duty engineered Bearing System - lifetime lubricated and maintenance free.


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