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Code: FSW22300

The stretch station invites to several body weight strength and stretch exercises for all difficulty levels. Shoulders and torso can be stretched in all relevant angles independently of individual flexibility. Lower limbs can be stretched by placing the feet on the lowest bars or on the ground with hand support on the bars. Or for more challenging stretches, feet can be placed on higher bars. Also, when physiotherapists are involved, the stretch station is a perfect mount for elastic bands.

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Technical information

Dimensions LxWxH 119 x 119 x 200cm
Age Group 13+
Capacity 4 adults
Max. fall height 93cm
Safety surfacing area 14m²

All KOMPAN fitness products are designed according to the ASTM F3101 & EN16630 Outdoor Fitness Standards. Load tests are performed as a static test by adding dynamic factors as well as safety factors to the specified load of 78 kg per user. A product intended for 1 user is loaded with 420kg.


Post are made of Ø101.6 x 2mm , pre-galvanized carbon steel and powder coated, a great protection to all conditions.
Bars intended as grips during exercises are made of hot-dip galvanized s teel Ø38 m m , a great diameter for a good grip and to support the wrist.
The connectors are made of die-cast aluminum, specially alloyed for the outdoor environm ents and heavy usage. The screws attaching the connectors are stainless steel and protected by zinc washers.

See product sheet for further deatils.


Available in:

Midnight Blue, Charcoal


Galvanised Structural Parts Lifetime
Post 10 Years
Connectors 10 Years
SBR 2 Years
Panels Lifetime
Rosta Element 2 Years
Bearing 5 Years
Spare parts guaranteed 10 Years
Floors (decks) 10 Years