Product Detail

Product Detail

Supernova Green Line

Supernova Green Line

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Code: GXY916021

The large, slanting, rotating ring with 7 divided areas invite children to explore the Supernova's countless play options, turning, spinning and balancing either seated, lying, standing, alone or with friends. The many play opportunities and the open ground level design makes it possible for all abilities to be included in play. The 7 areas of the ring inspire a multitude of different games-with-rules, rough-and-tumble play can be explored and the pushing of the ring and running help develop the children's arm and leg muscles and cardio. The jumping on and off the rotating ring builds bone density. The Supernova trains the sense of balance and space, crucial in being able to sit still or navigate traffic safely. Children help one another and invent games these stimulate the child's social-emotional skills and cognition, empathy, cooperation skills and logical thinking.

Technical information

Total CO₂ emission: 412.7kg CO₂e
CO₂ emission per kg: 2.76 CO₂e/kg
Made from recycled materials: 42.53%

IMPACT AREA = 28.9m2


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Designed with molded PP parts which consist of 25% recycled post consumer waste and 75% virgin material. GreenLine ensures the lowest possible CO2e emission factor.
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