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Product Detail

Tipi Carousel

Tipi Carousel

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Code: ELE400064

The Tipi Carousel is like a giant Spinner Bowl.  The spinning plate of the Tipi Carousel makes children laugh out with joy: It rotates, tickles the stomach and is spacious enough for a few friends, too. This will make children come back for more play again and again. The social appeal for children is evident: you can be active, and close together. There is room for more friends seated, standing or even lying. This trains cooperation and turn-taking skills. The physical play and training in spinning is the main fun factor. The rotation trains the sense of balance which is fundamental for all other skills. A well trained sense of balance helps children to navigate the world securely, for instance preventing falls when playing actively. It also positively affects the ability to sit still and concentrate. The Tipi Carousel is an important, responsive activity for play and active breaks.

Technical information



IMPACT AREA = 14.02m2



Available in:

  • Blue
  • Grey/Red
  • Green
  • Natural


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