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Product Detail



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Code: PCM510-0901

The Tractor is an appealing attractor for dramatic and physical play for younger children. The rich variety of climb, crawl and slide activities attracts and ensures physical activity that trains important motor skills and major muscles. On the platform, a gear shift, a steering wheel and side mirrors add to the feeling of driving a beastly big Tractor. On ground level, multiple varied climbs up and crawls through holes to under the platform ensures ample encouragement to climb and crawl. This trains cross-body coordination which builds body confidence and ultimately stimulate the cross-modal perception which adds to supports to for instance reading skills. Dramatic play is the favorite play type for younger children. Apart from building an understanding of the world, dramatic play also trains language and communication skills intensely. In the case of the Tractor, storytelling themes of farming, driving and building will be put to play.

Technical information

Area requirements: 8.49m x 5.96m
Total height: 2.93m
Max fall height: 1.18m


Panels: 19mm EcoCore panels with 100% recycled core
Steel components and posts: HDG Steel
Platforms: HPL decks with aluminium framing


Available in:

As shown, also avaialable in red and blue.