Miriam-Vale, Australia

Miriam-Vale, Australia

Miriam-Vale, Australia

Alf Larson Park Playground

By Urban Play Australia

Designed to entice visitors off the highway to enjoy the historical town of Miriam Vale, their new play destination is sure to become an iconic attraction for the area.

Word has already travelled afar, with families travelling from Rockhampton, Buderberg and Agnes Waters for the unofficial opening of the state-of-the-art playground designed by Urban Play.

One of the most visually striking pieces day and night, is the giant luminous Skywalk system connected by four elevated bright green cabins. The thrill will be the climb to reach the top via three different angled nets and the high-speed way down via two slides.

This along with the giant birdsnest swing and skateboard rail, will be a major drawcard for the older kids challenging their coordination and balance as they go higher and higher.

For the smaller kids, a number of age appropriate equipment has been carefully selected with sensory, physical, social and imaginative play options.

Water play is always a favourite allowing kids to work together or on their own to discover the joys of water and sand movement. A myriad of different water channels, pumps and sand trays are on offer at the Alf Larson Park.

Also in the junior play zone is an interactive climbing tower with every single surface an exciting invitation to play, a ground level custom play panel where their imagination can run wild, multiple swinging options, a 4-way in-ground trampoline and a custom log mound embankment slide. The play options are truly endless.

Combine all this with a bright architectural design of the rubber safety surfacing creating even more play value and complete shade protection, makes this community destination one that families will continue to flock to time and time again.

Known for their product quality and service reliability, Urban Play partners with well-known International play equipment brands KOMPAN and COROCORD to provide these award winning custom solutions.