Clayton Park School Music Play Area

Clayton Park School

Clayton Park School

Clayton Park School were looking to augment their music curriculum as well as provide an inclusive and fun way to add a sensory play experience to the school grounds - we had the answer with Percussion Play outdoor music instruments.

Installed in a stylish strip of artificial turf outside the school hall, the suite of instruments are used to help teach music - including peer-to-peer instruction - as well as providing a wonderful melodic sound track to the school playground during the students break times.

These instruments are suitable for all ages - from the new entrant children right up to the seniors and even teachers can get in on the fun! The instruments are simple and intuitive to use, any one can have a go and quickly learn to create their own tunes and rhythms, they offer a great way for kids to develop their concentration and hand-eye coordination. Clayton Park School’s cluster of different instruments are perfect for creating a collaborative play environment and as you can see in our photos they are fantastic for taking classroom music lessons to a whole new level!

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