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Product Detail

Crazy Hen Green Line

Crazy Hen Green Line

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Code: M10176

Kompan's Greenline Range

This product is part of the Kompan Greenline range, which is manufatured from recycled and sustainable materials. Check the technical information below for the percentage of material used for this product. Or check here to find out more about the entire Greenline range.

The Crazy Hen was a token for play for 50 years: the whimsical bird-look evokes children's curiosity. The rocking sensation make them want to come back again and again. Movement response is one of the greatest play sensations there are. Apart from the fun, this adds a feeling of control to the child's play. The responsive movement also trains the understanding of cause and effect in young children: that actions have an effect on the world. Rocking on the Crazy Hen trains the child's sense of balance and space as well as hand and arm muscles when holding tight and pushing your feet hard into the foot support. All of these basic motor skills and muscle training actions help train the child's bodily cognition, supporting important life skills such as being able to sit still on a chair or navigate traffic securely.

Technical information

Total CO₂ emission: 63.31 kg CO₂e
CO₂ emission per kg: 2.37 CO₂e/kg
Made from recycled materials: 49.25%




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KOMPAN GreenLine versions are designed with ultimate environmentally friendly materials with lowest possible CO2e emission factor such as EcoCoreTM panels of 100% post consumer recycled ocean waste.
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