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Product Detail

Euroflex Diamonds

Euroflex Diamonds

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Euroflex Diamond

For more glamour on playgrounds!

Euroflex Diamond is a dodecahedron that can be used on playgrounds as a seat, balancing element or demarcation element. It lines up seamlessly between cube and ball and provides a further design option. It is also available as half diamond. Bright, strong EPDM special colours are particularly authentic.

Technical information

Full diamond: 500 x 500 x 500 mm
Full Diamond standard 58 kg
Full Diamond EPDM covered 64 kg

Half diamond: 500 x 500 x 250 mm

Half Diamond standard 29 kg
Half Diamond EPDM covered 32 kg


Rubber granulate: granulated recycled rubber Binding agent: MDI polyurethane Topping: Coloured EPDM rubber granulate


Available in:

See the colour swatches in the images sections for all available colours.