Product Detail

Product Detail

Giant Dome

Giant Dome

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Code: COR867001

Every Inch Is Packed With Play
Children’s immediate reaction to the Giant Dome is curiosity and play action: Climb up! Once at the top, they are rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment and a far-reaching view of the surroundings.
With many layers of play and a capacity of more than 150 children playing simultaneously, the Giant Dome offers the qualities of an entire playground in one.

Challenges On Many Levels
The Giant Dome welcomes a wide scope of users with its range of ground-level activities. Hammocks, coconut ropes and play shells offer swaying breaks and social interaction. Innovative, gently swaying seating or crawl-through options add fun meeting places. And not least, rattles add intriguing sound effects. A world of physical and tactile variation and play explorations in a spatial design roomly enough for wheelchair and walkers to access.
Climbing grips, lianas, ladders, membranes and climbable poles facilitate multiple paths up to a maze of ropes where you need to duck, dive and climb through to move on. Getting down can go dare-devil fast and smooth on the fireman’s pole. It can be a slower paced glide on the membranes or a rotating whizz on the curly climber.

Technical information

Max Fall Height: 2.6m
Total Product height: 6.2m
Impact Area: 147.9m2


Corocord ropes are used exclusively and only for Corocord rope products. All Corocord ropes are inductively treated. By this special Corocord technique, used over 40 years, the polyester (PES) wrapping is melted on to each of the six-strands by induction. This ensures permanent protection inside the ropes while preserving a soft grip for the children’s hands.


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