Product Detail

Product Detail

Hinaki Ririki

Hinaki Ririki

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Code: COR20600

The Hinaki Ririki (Small Maori Fish Trap) is the little brother to our Hinaki.  The three dimensional wobbly Hinaki Ririki offers hours of play for numerous children with its vertical as well as horizontal climbing. The structure is a great place for sitting, standing or lying which allows everyone to play together. The play ropes with rubber pommels allows for groups socializing while gently swaying on the ropes. The transparency of this net allows for ease of casual supervision.  Climbing up, around and through the Hinaki Ririki,  will challenge kid's balance, muscle strength and cross body coordination. 

Technical information

FALL HEIGHT = 2500mm


IMPACT AREA = 72.1m2

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Corocord ropes are used exclusively and only for Corocord rope products. All Corocord ropes are inductively treated. By this special Corocord technique, used over 40 years, the polyester (PES) wrapping is melted on to each of the six-strands by induction. This ensures permanent protection inside the ropes while preserving a soft grip for the children’s hands.  The frame of the Hinaki Ririki is hot dipped galvavanised steel with cast aluminium connector clamps.


Available in:

Red, blue and black rope available.