Product Detail

Product Detail

Kiwi Spacenet

Kiwi Spacenet

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Code: COR3941

This is our most popular Spacenet and is produced especially for the New Zealand market by Corocord.  Corocord nets are bulit to last, New Zealand's first ever Spacenet was installed in 2004 and is still going strong.  We have installed the Kiwi Spacenet in schools and public parks all over New Zealand.  Standing at nearly 6m high and with its mesh size of 44 cm, it is universally adaptable for school playgrounds, playing fields – everywhere, in fact, where the age groups mix.

Technical information



IMPACT AREA = 95.5m2


Corocord ropes are used exclusively and only for Corocord rope products. All Corocord ropes are inductively treated. By this special Corocord technique, used over 40 years, the polyester (PES) wrapping is melted on to each of the six-strands by induction. This ensures permanent protection inside the ropes while preserving a soft grip for the children’s hands.


Available in:

Available rope colours: red, orange, blue green, yellow, black, hemp