Product Detail

Product Detail

Oasis sand house with desk and crane

Oasis sand house with desk and crane

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Code: NRO528

The Oasis sand house with desk and crane attracts children immensely. The rich variation of play activities will absorbe them in play for a long time. The crane is worked horizontally as well as vertically either by turning the grey plate or pulling the chain. The sand bucket will go up or down when pulling the chain. It will stay put when the chain is let go of. This, apart from providing fascinating sand play, is a great training of children's logical thinking skills. The negotiation and cooperation to get sand to and from the sand table develops social-emotional skills. The sand table's sieve and tube lead sand away, training young children's understanding of object permanence: that things can still exist when out of sight. The house with bench and desk inspires dramatic play The open platform allows for all users to participate in play.

Technical information

Dimensions LxWxH: 253 x 353 x 287 cm
Key User Group:  2 - 6yo
Play capacity (users): 17


Robinia wood and Stainless Steel fittings


Available in:

Comes with a protective timber oil as standard. Please call to discuss paint and coloured staining options.