Product Detail

Product Detail

Slide and Swing Tower

Slide and Swing Tower

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Code: NRO1013

The Slide & Swing Tower appeals immensely to children. With its climb and slide variations, children will try it out repeatedly, training cardio and muscles as they loop the swing, access beams, fireman's pole and slide. Swinging trains the children's ABC: agility, balance and coordination. These motor skills are crucial when judging distances and navigating e.g. street traffic safely. When jumping off, children build bone density, which is mainly built through weight bearing activity such as jumping in the first decades of life. The platform offers two ways out: the slide, or the Fireman's Pole. Both train spatial awareness, which is important for understanding the body and space, speed and distance. Across the unit, ample space adds room for meeting and exchanging, training social skills.

Technical information

Dimensions LxWxH: 291 x 741 x 319 cm
Key User Group: : 4 - 10
Play capacity (users): 7


Robinia Timber

Stainless fittings


Available in:

Comes with a protective timber oil as standard. Please call to discuss paint and coloured staining options.