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With its whimsical look and easy-entry seat the You and Me swing invites the child and adult. Having tried it once, parents and toddlers will come back again and again: the height of the seats is such, that adult and child can be at eye level when swinging. Thus the first swing rides become a secure, yet thrilling and new experience for the toddler. To toddlers, the gently swinging movement is a source of endless joy. But apart from that it also trains the development for important sensory-motor skills such as the sense of balance and space. This is important to build up the ability to gradually manage space independently, yet securely. The child-parent connection in play is important for the child-parent bonding in social activities. But it is equally valuable for the child's growing independence in play. Last, but not least, it is immensely joyful.

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Technical information

Available for 2.5m and 3m high swing frames


6mm stainless steel chain
HDG steel frame
Black TPV rubber seats
Sealed stainless steel bearings


Available in:

Available with a red or black frame