Playground Quality

Playground Quality

We use only the best quality materials in our playgrounds to ensure that they don’t just give you great Play Value, but that they last.


There are two main causes of playground degradation in New Zealand:

 1) Our weather – We have some harsh conditions in New Zealand and playgrounds sit out in it year round. 

Did you know that much of New Zealand is considered to be in either a medium or high corrosion zone? Check out Niwa’s corrosion maps here: Niwa’s Corrosion Maps

 2) Our Kids – Have you every stood and watched children on a playground at break time. They have a lot of built up energy to release and they give our equipment a hammering. We purposefully over engineer all of our equipment to makes sure it can handle whatever the kids throw at it.

Over the last 20 years we have continually refined our equipment to ensure it can handle both of these key considerations.


What are our playgrounds made from?


  H5 treated pine for Posts

  H4 treated pine for decks and roofs

  Robinia - A natural hardwood that is dense, heavy and very strong. It is naturally resistant to rot, and very durable, meaning it can be used inground without the need of additional chemical treatment.



Hot Dip Galvanising (HDG)

We use HDG to protect our components once they have been manufactured to ensure all welds and drill holes are fully protected. Hot Dip Galvanising is the same method they use to protect boat trailers from salt water, that’s how good it is.

Stainless Steel fastenings

Ensuring durability for the life of your playground.


We also offer most of our playground designs in aluminium versions. In these the decks and posts are made from aluminium. Not only does this offer superior durability, built it is also more resistant to vandalism.