Warranty - Built to last

Warranty - Built to last

PlatinumPlay Warranty

We pride ourselves on producing New Zealand’s most robust playground equipment. The core structural parts of our playgrounds all have a 25-year warranty, however as with most things the moveable parts will require regular maintenance and periodic replacement.

We offer the following warranty on our equipment covering defects resulting from material or production errors:


25 Years on all core structural components

  • H5 timber posts & Aluminium posts
    H4 timber decks
    Fabricated Aluminium components
    Fabricated Stainless Steel components
    Fabricated Hot Dipped Galvanised steel components
    Stainless Steel fastenings

15 Years

  • Galvanised chain
    Galvanised steel mesh panels

5 Years

  • Moulded Plastic Parts
    Rope & Net constructions
  • Ball bearing assemblies
    Trampoline frames, EPDM mats and trampoline membranes.

2 Years

  • All other parts and materials not specifically listed above.

The warranty only applies to correctly maintained products. It does not cover any damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, cosmetic issues, vandalism and repairs carried out by any third party not approved by Playground People. Natural changes in wood over time are considered cosmetic issues and are not covered.

Any alterations to the product or third-party parts replacements that do not comply with the certified engineered design will void the warranty. To ensure child safety, any repairs need to be carried out by a Playground People approved repair agent using like-for-like parts.


Kompan and Corocord

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